It was warmer out

by bw

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this ep is depreciated


released March 25, 2010

remastered in 2016



all rights reserved


bw Victoria

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Track Name: Blank walls
i love flashes on cameras
the substance of light
eyes open gone blind
and back to normal

on the town
with some friends,
i've got ten seconds left

retrace my steps back home
before the dull sun shines

i know kids and names
and blank walls
the kind made of brick or stone
new or old just untouched
kids play games, fly away
growing up, growing grey

day after day,
i'm against the wall

i love patterns on wallpaper
the taste and the touch
hands on

eyes open, i wake
i am so normal

on my back
with some friend
under some blankets and
rephrasing my words right
before some great god shines
Track Name: It was warmer out
in dreams
i sat upon an old brick wall,
i grew wings and a tail,
it was warmer out

your hair looked pretty
from inside of my palms,
and from the roof of the barn
we could see the city

in time
i'll turn into a dying old man,
you'll say darling, oh darling
i don't understand

oh please,
give me another breath
of cold air before i lock the door.
oh please, break me into little pieces
and eat me one by one.

and i went back
to see your face,
to look through your clothes,
to see your last days

i found myself
wrapped around your back
when your hair fell out
and your eyes were black

and this is the really, really quiet part
before your arms disembark

it has been such a long time,
i just wanted you
you to be mine,
your cursive rejected
the dots on i's,
you said silly words,
you made me sad

and i howled like a dying dog

it has been
such a long
time. it was just,
just the wrong time.
Track Name: In the future
give me whatever you can,
i will take it
you know me

your voice travels like a prayer,
sidewalks crack beneath my feet

and your skin is fair
my fingers trace the lines
i don't mind you
i don't mind you

i'm scar-free as far as i can tell
Track Name: I loved the way
i loved the way you entered rooms. i loved
your blues and browns

you washed my feet and hammered
my teeth in with your fists

i loved the way you tied your shoes
through and through, through and through

i loved the way your brother moved

i covered you, just in case

just in case satan came